Short jokes

A woman called her younger daughter and said ‘that thing between your legs is called monkey’.

One day the young girl observed that she had started growing pubic hairs, she confided in her elder sister and said.” sister, my monkey is growing hairs.”

The sister laughed heartily and replied ‘ my own monkey has started eating bananas! lol

A little boy said : mummy do u know that our house maid girl is an Angel?

Mum: why did u say that, junior?

Junior said because I saw her naked in your bedroom with her hands on the wall and she was shouting” O God, I’m coming,I’m coming, I’m coooooooming!!”

If not 4 daddy who was holding her tight from behind,she would have gone up to heaven!!!!



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4 responses to “Short jokes

  1. 😃😃😃😃😃😃 Brilliant! Cheers Harry. And thanks for comment on my post. X

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