Short Jokes 2

Pastor, my dog is dead.

Could there be a service for the poor creature?

Pastor replied, “No, we can’t have service for an animal in this church.

But there is a new church down d road, Maybe, they will do something for the animal”.

The man answered, Pastor, but do u think they will accept a donation of $250,000 in return for the burial service in that church?

Pastor, exclaimed, Sweet Jesus! Why did’nt u tell me the dog was a christian.

A little boy asks his Dad; what’s between Mom’s legs?

The father answers “paradise” .

The kid asks again what ‘s between your legs?

The father replies;”the key to paradise”.

Then the son says; piece of advice Dad, “you need to change the lock,the neighbor has a copy.”
An aircraft was losing height due to over load, the pilot announced, we will throw some passengers out of the aircraft in alphabetical order.

Any African? No one answered.

Any black? No one moved.

Any Caribbean? Still silence.

Then a black boy asked, Dad what are we?

The father replied, Son, today we are Zulus


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9 responses to “Short Jokes 2

  1. Stop it, my ears hurt. (they always hurt when I laugh a lot) 😃😃😃😃

  2. RC

    LMAO!! “Today we ar Zulus!” Classic!!! LMAO!!! 😆

  3. funny stuff!
    best, Mike

  4. billy

    How about this joke: uranues is so big it made another planet.

  5. billy

    I have lots more jokes like: You know what I find disturbing? Sometimes in the night sky I see Uranus. (I spelt Uranus wrong on the first on XD )

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