12 blonde jokes

Blonde Joke’s

What did the blonde say about blonde joke’s.   She said they were pretty good but might offend some Pueto Rican’s.

Why do blonde’s take the pill?    So they know what day of the week it is.

How does a blonde commit suicide ?    She gather’s her clothe’s into pile and jump’s off.

What can save a dying blonde ?    Hair transplant’s.

What do bleach blonde’s and jumbo jet’s have an common?   Black boxes.

What’s dumber than a brunette who trie’s to build a house at the bottom of a lake?   A blonde who trie’s to burn it down.

Why can’t you tell a blonde a knock knock joke?    Because she’ll go and answer the door.

Why did a blonde climb over the ghain link fence?    To see what was on the other side.
Why did the blonde throw away her weight-lose video?    Because she noticed that the peole were not losing any weight either.

A blonde come’s to a river and see’s another blonde on the opposite bank. ” yoo-hoo ” she shouts’.   How can i get to the other side?   The other blonde look’s around then shout’s back, ” but you are on the other side “.

Did you hear about the blonde who sold her car to buy some petrol.

How can you tell if a blonde send’s you a fax,   it has a stamp on it.


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