Murphy and Paddy

Murphy calls to see his mate Paddy, who has a broken leg.
 Paddy says, “Me feet are freezing mate, could you nip upstairs and get me slippers?”
 “No bother,” he says, and he runs upstairs and there are Paddy’s two stunning 19 year old twin daughters sat on their beds.

 “Hello there girls, your Da’ sent me up here to fuck you both.” 
 ” fuck off you liar!”

 “I’ll prove it,” Murphy says.
 So he shouts down the stairs, “Both of them, Paddy?”
 “Of course, what’s the use of fuckin ‘ one?”



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2 responses to “Murphy and Paddy

  1. Ina

    Okay, this is of course a very very wrong joke 🙂 and that is why I like it. Question: why would this Paddy need 2 slippers as one of his leg is in plaster?

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