Castrated or circumcised

Billy arranges a Doctors appointment and when he goes to see the Doctor he tells the Doc he wants to be castrated.

Are you sure, asked the Doc. Yes I definitely want to be castrated Billy replies.

Have you discussed this with your wife,  asked the Doc.

Of course I have, we both think it would be a good idea.

Well if your absolutely sure, I’ll arrange for a hospital appointment, The Doc said.

In due course the hospital sent Billy an appointment date to have the procedure carried out.

Billy arrives at the hospital at 8.30 on the appointed day. He’s taken to the ward and told to change into his PJ’s and get into the bed.

About ten minutes later, the surgeon came to Billy’s bed to check that he hadn’t changed his mind about being castrated.

No, I still want it done, replied Billy.

After the operation Billy wakes up back in the ward.

The bloke in the bed next to him asks , What were you having done?

I was being castrated, Billy replies and asked ,What about yourself.

I was being, circumcised,  he said.

Oh bugger,  Billy said , that’s the word i wanted.


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